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  • Oh! Something worked!! I did a few things before rechecking though so it was either one of the plugins I deactivated or the HTaccess thing. I didn’t see anything wrong with the htaccess file (accessed the way I was instructed to in that link) but I decided to copy and paste what you showed me anyways… Now I gotta figure out what finally did it… Thanks for your help 😀

    Very good!

    I will stay subscribed to this thread, and check my email here and there in case you need further help.

    Have a good one. Happy Holidays.

    Well that’s weird! Apparently the plugin responsible is Jetpack…. Don’t I need this though?

    Nope… I was reactivating stuff and apparently one of those plugins was causing this after all… not sure how to get it back so I’m going over them again but I thought for sure it was jetpack… weird.

    Hmmm… I think the initial problem must have occurred when I updated something…

    YUP!! Found it! Not jetpack, apparently Members is causing this problem (though I suspect it’s probably not this simple). It’s weird because I don’t remember even touching this plugin. I didn’t deactivate or update this one (as far as I can remember) and it’s never malfunctioned like this before… anyways, it’s been deleted. Hopefully this will be the last of my posts on this topic.

    The only remaining issue is that for some reason our dashboard says the site isn’t even launched but other than that minor and annoying detail this has been resolved… Not really sure what I’m going to do about the dashboard. I’ll poke around with it later.

Viewing 6 replies - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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