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  • Brandon


    What WordPress plugin do you really want?

    I want to get into plugin development and I’m curious what plugin everyone would like to have for their blogs.

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  • whooami



    how bout a plugin that rids these forums of threads that have been repeated over and over and over again..

    thats was THE FIRST return when i searched for “plugin ideas” who would have guessed.



    I’m genuinely looking for plugin ideas and have not posted a website like the thread you pointed me too. I’m just looking for new ideas.




    and i refered you to a thread on THIS web site, on THIS forum, where there have been 100, yes, 100, replies to your question. Im sure after reading THAT thread you will have plenty of ideas, and THIS thread will be just one more useless repeated thread.

    Of course, 100 more newbs might just reply to this thread, and then there can be two threads asking the same exact questions and getting the same answers.

    Hey, that’ll be great, I cant wait!



    I’d like a plugin that ensures that those that ask questions in the forum actually listen to the answers and help they are given 😉



    I’ve started working on a couple of plugins but have not been able to get them to work the way I would like. If you’re interested in helping, I’d appreciate it. I certainly appreciate your offer.

    Searching any forum for information is not always easy. Perhaps you could design the next-generation forum search routine.



    I just wanted to a topic with fresh ideas and generate a good thread.



    Whooami needs to settle down. Maybe he wants an updated reply? ITS JUST A FORUM JESUS CHRIST YOUR LIFE IS NOT AT STAKE HERE.



    a plugin that allows subscribers (o-level) to add their own link/links to the blog’s links list without being able to have full link manager capabilities ?




    plugin to allow for content zones on the front page. Much like widgets to the sidebar. Just drag and drop plugins and the content is sticky to those zones.

    don (el paso)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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