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  • elevatingyourbusiness


    I’ve had my WP hacked twice — once giving me two different trojans through an iframe.

    I had catpha <sp>

    What do you suggest I add now? I currently have -0- on the new version of my blog that I put on another website.

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  • Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso



    Does your program protect the blog from the things I mentioned above? I don’t understand how they got in, etc. I just want to keep them out.

    Ask Apache Password Protect can help, for the rest, strong password, correct file permissions, etc. Read all about it in the Codex. And of course another thing, when you got hacked, make sure everything is back in order, because when your theme is comprimised with spam injections, just changing passwords, etc. isn’t going to help since the corrupt file is still in use (this was of course just one example).

    stick with wp-security-scan from hallsofmontezuma
    the others are only good if you know what your doing!

    Ask Apache is only a matter of upload, activate, create password and say what folders to protect. The Codex has some tips for strong passwords, change “admin” to something else, all relatively simple, but very usefull.



    Thank you. Great info. I’ll do as much as I am able.

    Gangleri your note regarding spam injections… Not sure this would take care of it; but I completely removed WP. Put it up on another site on another hosting company — from scratch. The theme I’m using is a newer one, but I did take a few lines of code and the CSS file I had created and moved it over.

    I’m having other problems with the WP, but that’ something weird I think I did to the CSS 🙂

    anyway, is that enough?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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