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  • Hello,
    I’m using pMachine Pro, Nucleus and Movable Type,
    what other CMS could allow multi blogs & multiusers ?
    Thx by advance

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  • aris


    WordPress :))


    So where is the “Cretae New Blog” button ?



    The Read Me documentation in the install archive is a good place to start. The WP documentation project is well underway, and we hope to have a lot of it in place in the near future.
    You can check out the WordPress Wiki for some more information as a temporary solution until the documentation is finished.


    Ok so multiblogs is possible (as everything) but it’s not a feature.
    Think that it’s not the good solution if you plan to host over 100 blogs.

    To clarify, WordPress does not yet support multiple blogs from a single installation. Some people fake it by using categories to simulate separate blogs (which means that you wouldn’t have categories inside any of your pseudo-blogs). But this isn’t ideal, because any user with post permissions can post to any category. The only other solution is multiple WP installs and multiple database tables (either in a different database, or in a single table, but using different prefixes in the config files).
    But, true multi-blog functionality, with per-blog configuration options is a planned feature for a future release.



    Thanks for clarifying that. A friend asked me about this yesterday, and that’s what I told her, but then I got worried things might have changed in 1.0.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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