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  • I am still fairly new to all of this but today I had someone ‘register/subscribe’ to my site. Being as this was unfamiliar to me, I registered myself to see what it is that they get.

    Well I didn’t like the mini dashboard that I see so I disabled that feature in my admin.

    My question is this: what is this feature USED for? and why would I want to use it?


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  • Not quite sure what you mean by mini dashboard? The dashboard (wp-admin) section as a whole by default allows a registered user to change their profile details, that’s about it, but you can extend it with plugins.

    you don’t need subscribers? then don’t have them
    admin – settings
    uncheck “anyone can register”


    that is what I did. I guess I am confused what happens when they subscribe? Does the program send them an email when I do a new post …what does it do? just confused here…

    Kawauso: yes that is what the mini dashboard showed, just basic stuff…but like I said, just confused over what it means to the person when they subscribe…what do they get out of it?

    Hope I have made that a bit plainer?



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    mini dashboard = reduced dashboard for subscribers, yes?

    what do they get out of it?

    Some people restrict some of their content to subscribers only.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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