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  • just finished… err trying to finish my new blog:

    i´ve experienced one funny thing: on all archived pages the weather icon/data disappears… i´ve got no clue why this happens. anyone knows why this happens?

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  • Did you add the weather icon/data in sidebar.php?

    Nice, colourful and compact …

    Check if your weather code is not within a loop that makes it only work on the index and single post pages.

    I like that a lot. Nice work.

    Nice work.

    I think you should put a generic version up for download.

    good idea. think i will work it out a bit further (see my problem above…) and pack it for download 😉

    maybe this will include sIFR…

    very nice design

    what kind of gallery system do you use?


    Yes, very nice blog! I posted a comment there so as not to veer off topic here. Give me a shout.

    I agree with davincim on the nice blog design! VERY NICE!

    One of the nicest looking designs I have seen in months.. very clean, good balance of colors..


    I agree with whatless above… a generic version for download would be superb!

    lets keep this thread going… 🙂


    sybold: it´s the good old simple php gallery 1.1

    and yes. there will be a generic version as soon as i´ve tweaked and tested all available kubrick templates. expect it by the end of next week 😉

    still, all credits to kubrick

    Very nice design. I’m jealous.

    That is an awesome design, please do make it available for download 🙂

    Very nice, very clean.

    new adress:

    (or better stick to

    ok. finished the tweaking now…
    next step is to clear up the css file and validate the site.
    hopefully i will find some time next week to pack an alpha release 😉

    kudos to – they´ve just installed the freetype library so i was able to implement the headline image plugin.

    Not sure what you changed but the sidebar and footer no longer load right in Safari. The footer is off centre and the sidebar shows up all the way at the bottom.

    Hope this gives you an idea of what is wrong.

    Looking forward to your theme.


    p.s. How do you keep that post on the top of the page?

    That is a extremely nice layout. I’ve done some searching on google but not found an answer that my brain can understand – how do you do a redirect to send visitors from your root to the “weblog” directory? I know it must be a htaccess deal…but, I wouldn’t have a clue what the code would be.

    Love the gallery too.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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