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    Sorry folks, but I’m not seeing any simple “do this and you are set” options for making this plugin work. I simply want that when a post is made to the WordPress blog that it also appears on the Facebook page. I looked at the Settings for this plugin and I only see two fields. One for App ID and one for App Secret. So I’m unclear on exactly what the next steps are here.

    advTHANKSance for any insight! Rick 😉

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  • Yep, you first have to put or submit your App ID as well as App Secret (I Hope you have submitted it) and then you will surely see the options you are seeking for, see I am using the same on my blog also, that recommended post option in the sidebar

    Ummm, okay. I guess. Thanks for trying.

    I’m guessing that this means I need to somehow create an App? Is that what is meant by “App ID”?

    I sort of figured that the plug in would handle posting to the facebook page. But it’s appearing that it doesn’t and is simply one piece of a larger puzzle with other pieces needed on the facebook side. Am I correctly understanding that?

    Thanks again… Rick 🙂

    Okay, I’ve given up on this app. I have since found PagePress and it seems to give me the connection I’m looking for.

    Try Networked Blogs, been using them for awhile, a good interface.

    You have to submit your App ID as well as App Secret. It is working fine in my Students Blog.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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