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  • Heya. First: great work, I like your theme a lot, it’s got style 🙂

    You ask for features, I request some:

    – static page template. Yeah, I know. It’s a blog. But it could be more 😉 Please add a page template without sidebars and with a slightly changed surface (no article pictures e.g.)
    – add a slider for featured posts, most likely as a widget or on the front page
    – add a second menu for static pages at the template menu section

    I am really looking forward to some feature enhancements 🙂


    Thanks @maboh for suggestions


    I have to second on the page template without a sidebar.

    Thanks for a great theme

    Claus 🙂



    Numbered navigation instead of “older” and “newer”

    It would be nice to have the date at the top, instead of the bottom.



    I would LOVE to have more social networking icons to add – specifically Pinterest and an email subscription feed. Right now I have to use a separate social icons plugin/widget to get those two, but I’d much rather have them listed with all the others at the top in your template. Thanks!



    I would like to have
    – displaying excerpts for posts
    – quotations
    – possibility to hide footer on pages and post
    – possibility to edit global footer
    – all things that ScooterMarie mentioned.



    I would like to want built in social network icons, Site Statistics, Gallery theme for wallpapers, comment posting on main page, Built in site maps.




    i use your theme, i like it, how to make read more on index and archive, i like search result this theme.

    help me



    I would also like to have a page without a sidebar

    It would be great if that page could have a different main title as well (above the header picture).

    For example, a site homepage would not need a sidebar as it might have some main graphic and overall elements. The homepage would need the menu bar and might have a have an overall site title different from the blog’s title. The site’s blog might be one of the menu choices. Then the blog page would include all the elements of the Blogolife template.

    Thanks, this is a great looking theme!



    Thanks for the great theme–just switched from the Graphene theme this weekend. Went very well and I love my site’s new look. I also like the fact that Blogolife has a limited set of options and is easy to set up, but still looks more like a static website.

    I would love to see a three widget footer in the future.

    Keep up the good work!



    I’d love to have the option to select different google fonts for the site header and side bars, or if possible give a color picker for the theme headings. I can agree with the 3 widget footer, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me. Very slick theme! Thanks for your hard work.

    Great theme – thanks.

    1. I would like the option to have the sidebar on either side;

    2. A page with out the sidebar.

    A static page for use as an about page or home page.

    This page would have the header, menu bar and may or may not have the sidebar. The content would be static HTML with no comments. In other words the content would not be a blog entry per se, but just a general HTML area.

    Thnaks for considering this.

    Could you please let me know how I can remove that lovely huge space over the menu (the space which include the site title and social icons). I want to remove it or make it smaller. Please tell me which codes and where should be edited or deleted.

    Thanks for your stylish theme.

    Option on page template to display certain pages without a sidebar.

    Option to have the sidebar on right OR left

    Option for widget footers

    Thanks for the great theme and asking for input for new features!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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