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  • did you enter the images into the page? if so, are you on Visual or Text for the Page edit options?

    Not quite sure what you mean? I uploaded the image into posts and then put it into text (code) before copying and pasting it.

    Can you go into that particular page, delete the text that is there, click Update. Then click “Add Media” and insert like that. I will assume something was copied incorretly. The method I explained will let you know if something was copied by accident.

    I’m confused. This is what I did.

    1. Clicked – New Post
    2. Clicked -Add Media
    3. Copied code and pasted it into area for logo
    4. Clicked “Update logo”
    4. “Viewed” site and image had extra words next to image.

    Hmmm… I assume you remove what you did from your live site because I cannot see “blank” on there. Or does it only occur through the Admin side?

    I have just tried again and if you look at the site now you will see what I mean. I will leave it there till I hear back from you.

    Funny thing is, when I go back into “theme options” it show my image 3 times with href= at left side of image and “blank” at other side of image.

    ????? This is doing my head in! Thanks for your help..

    you have 2 images, but after the second image, there is this:

    Text – ” />

    remove that, and you will be set. That little bit of extra code and breaking the code before it.

    on second thought, it appears teh site-logo div is not closed properly, looks like it is missing the closing div tag

    Are you talking about the logo? I am not that tecchy so can you explain what you mean about the closing div tag??

    Looking at the codes I posted in first instance can you tell me where/how to add this code??

    Whoa! I added a div code at the end of code </div> and it looked even worse! So that isn’t the solution I don’t think. Unless I did in incorrectly.


    the first img src is incorrect in code. do you need it?

    the img scr is invalid syntax

    <img src="" colors-in-love-version-2-non-editable-web-ready-file.jpg?="" 03="" 2012="" uploads="" wp-content=""""/>

    QUESTION MARK after filename, and nothing within SRC

    I think this code was added by mistake.

    Thanks so much for your help. I contacted the web designer and he advised me that all I needed was the URL not all the extra code. That works so problem solved. I think that’s what you are saying too. Appreciate your time.


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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