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    I happened to log into my Bluehost account today and noticed that I got a File Count error telling me “Your account contains more than 9740 directories and may pose a potential performance risk to the server.<br>Please reduce the number of directories for your account to prevent possible account deactivation.”

    I was really surprised to see this, as I was nowhere NEAR that number of directories a month or so ago the last time I checked. I went into my File Manager and discovered that I had THOUSANDS of new directories created that are all either totally empty or have 1 file in them and that are all along the lines of:

    1 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2012/06/25/halo-micro-ops-series-1-falcon-high-ground-bunker-official-photos
    1 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2012/06/24/halo-micro-ops-series-1-smalled-carded-sets-official-photos-2012
    1 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2012/06/24/halo-micro-ops-series-1-high-ground-gate-mcfarlane-official-photos/embed
    1 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2012/06/24/halo-micro-ops-series-1-high-ground-gate-mcfarlane-official-photos
    1 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2012/06/22/halo-mega-bloks-warthog-resistance-set-fully-revealed
    1 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2012/06/19/tons-halo-mega-bloks-news-facebook-qa
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/category
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/08/27
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/08
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/07/17
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/07/06
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/07/05
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/07/02
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/07
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/06/24
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/06/23
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/06/16
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/06/12
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/06/11
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/06/10
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/06/09
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/06/08
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/04/29
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/04/03
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/03/22
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/03/17
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/03/11
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/02/15
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/02/12
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/01/20
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/01/16
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016/01/14
    0 : /home1/toyrevie/public_html/halotoynews/wp-content/endurance-page-cache/2016"

    These example directories are all from, but this problem is recurring across several of my other domains as well and I have no idea why. I don’t even have a caching plugin! I’ve never seen this Endurance-Page-Cache thing before and I have no idea what to do with it or how to delete these weird directories.

    Does anyone know what “Endurance-Page-Cache” is and how to disable it?

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  • @edwardjonesdesign Thank you, solved my issue as well when creating a 301 redirect for non-www to www.

    Bluehost has a duty to inform its customers of changes such as these. I am a developer and this has cost me many hours to figure out why my pages were not updating. Very unprofessional and careless of Bluehost!


    If you have root (SSH) access or some file manager with proper permissions, then you could consider to do the following (steps in chronological order):

    1) go to the wp-content directory,
    2) cd into the directory “mu-plugins”
    3) remove the Endurance Page Cache plugin,
    4) cd back into the wp-content directory,
    5) remove the entire endurance-page-cache directory,

    and note that

    – step 3 is removing the must-use plugin (that Endurance Page Cache is)
    – step 5 is equivalent to purging cache entirely

    Also note that the Endurance Page Cache plugin is a site-specific must-use plugin, implying that you have to repeat all 5 steps for every site that contains this odd and rather buggy plugin.

    Hope the above helps a bit.


    My first post after lurking for four years so please forgive me if proper etiquette is not followed. I thought the following information might be useful to someone:

    The Main Menu on my site ( was not updating on all pages (it would update on some pages). I called BH and they fixed the problem in about five minutes by removing the “endurance”:

    “The issue was with the endurance plugin in your account and I deleted the plugin from your account”

    Hi All,

    I read your posts with interest as my user tried to update a page on his site and was totally frustrated that it was not updating. It turned out to relate to server-side caching and may be the Endurance plugin, which I will check out tomorrow.

    HOWEVER, I just uploaded a static HTML page NOT to a WordPress site and had the SAME issue after revising and re-uploading it several times. At first my changes would be reflected immediately, but at some point I made a change, uploaded it, and my changes were NOT there. I tried refreshing a couple of times and was going to clear my cache, but then I had the brilliant idea of opening another browser instead (Chrome) because I had NEVER shown this page on that browser before. It showed the OLD version there too! Then I went back to Firefox and refreshed again, and the new version was suddenly showing.

    I was using Core FTP to upload, by the way.

    So what sort of server-side caching are they up to now that is NOT a WordPress plug-in?

    And what am I supposed to tell my user the next time he tries to update a page and cannot see his updates for five minutes (or longer)? This is not acceptable! He already thinks WordPress is “broken” because it did not update when he clicked “Update.” He may soon conclude Blue Host is “broken,” and I may have to move him to a different hosting company to satisfy him.

    If anyone has the answer here, I would love to hear it. Otherwise, I will be contacting Blue Host myself soon. I will let you know if I find out anything useful.

    Thanks, folks.


    Hi Margaret, if you are enrolled in a Bluehost ‘cloud’ plan, then there is indeed additional caching that goes beyond WordPress (endurance page cache). Log into your CPanel and then click on ‘performance’. After that select ‘cache control’ and disable on whichever site you are working on.
    Don’t forget to turn it back on after you finish working to improve performance (if you like).

    I hope that helps. It took me a while to figure that one out.

    Best of luck!

    Any host (not just this one or that one) that uses this (endurance cache) must use plugin is automatically creating a cache within the WordPress installation.

    On my host I noticed it because, I am already using a cache on some of my sites. When I installed a recent fresh clean copy of WordPress, with the hosting providers install script through a cpanel interface, the hosting provider used the endurance cache plugin.

    Unfortunately, every copy of a cloned site that I have recently created that uses the host provider’s new WP setup also contains my installed plugins that already do caching.

    And in every case, installing the cloned site on a fresh copy of a wp install created a duplicate folder of the installed folder.

    So because of the host providers configuration and the configuration I had in place in a clone, every in case, immediately after the clone roll out the new site install became inaccessible and unusable.

    That cost me about 8-12 hours of time to figure out what went wrong and how to fix that so it does not happen again.

    The solution is to access the server through ftp, or your providers interface (ie..cpanel) and delete the ‘must use’ folder and associated php files and possibly check and correct the htaccess file, that exist within the new WP install.

    This solution must be used before you attempt to install a cloned copy of a site (that uses caching) over a fresh copy of WP that by default is using caching, otherwise you may end up having a double caching problem.

    If you are not using any standard installed caching plugins in your WP installation, leaving the Endurance Caching in place may be beneficial. Just not sure on that yet…since I have not tested it without using other caching plugins.

    Update and FYI
    I resolved my double duplicate path problem (IE.. /mypath/mypath), which was duplicating install path and not allowing me into site, by editing url path in wp-options table in sql database (was ending with mypath/mypath and changed to mypath) and then immediately logging in to site and updating permalinks. If you have problem accessing site due to this error, check and edit the sql database and then update permalinks inside site before doing anything else.

    @lmkweb thank you so much!!! I went into WP content folder, deleted the the “MU” folder, & no more of this issue. In fact, I think I’m growing back some of the hair I pulled out dealing with this lol!
    1 or all of the “must use” ((Endurance Browser Cache, Endurance Page Cache, Endurance PHP Edge, & SSO) write an entry in the .htaccess file “AddHandler application/x-httpd-php70s .php”. If you delete that line, it is rewritten once you access the Settings in WP. Delete the MU folder, no more of that!

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    HostGator is doing this now, too.

    My client couldn’t see any of the updates on any device, but I could because I was logged into the dashboard. I had never encountered this problem before. Three days of incredible frustration and my client thinking I was lying/was upset with me for why his website wasn’t “live” in the aesthetic we’d discussed, were absolutely excrutiating. I cried, had a panic attack, and then took an official “mental health day” before I was able to calm down and figure out what the ACTUAL problem was.

    This is an unacceptable practice for any host, if you ask me.

    So here it is 1 year later and I am finding the same issues. Moving to another host, my provider wondered why I have so many files. I’m not sure this is the reason but I have an issue with caching happening when I don’t want and it cannot be turned off!. I looked and see that I also have this folder.

    My mu-plugins folder has a 3rd file called sso.php. Does anyone know what that one is?
    The 1st 2 are:

    I am with JustHost. These all got bought by a $ machine and went to hell.
    I’ve tweeted and I will be calling in the moring.

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