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  • I looked around at some references to this problem but none seem to have an explanation or way to correct this issue.

    Here is the scoop. We just upgraded to 2.2.1 from the previous 2.2 version. The upgrade went fine and we ran the upgrade script which did by the way note the database was going to be upgraded.

    Then I starting getting phone calls that the posts have a Latin capital letter A with a circumflex in them.

    A quick look and I saw sure enough there is one after just about every period and in the middle of a few sentences.

    Wow, I figure the quickest thing to do is to edit the post and delete those little guys. Well to my surprise every post dating back almost two years has these in them!

    This is going to take awhile.

    So…what happened here? Is there a easy way to remove them? Your other posts reference the following causes:

    1. Two spaces after a period — Are you kidding me? How does this generate an “A with circumflex”? And why now and not a year ago?
    2. Something about Word Press caching doing this. — We are not caching unless this is some default thing in the new version of WordPress.
    3. Changing encoding to like UTF-8. — Well we have always used what WordPress comes with and have never changed any encoding schemes.

    So what to do? It is going to take some time to manually removing these bad boys.

    Maybe this should be a warning to others doing the update but since there must be a lot of upgrades I don’t know what is special about our update.

    I have four more sites to do this to so you can image I am worried here.

    Thanks in advance for the quick help.

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  • Well, it would be nice to figure out why this happened to us since as I mentioned we need to do a least four more WordPress updates this week.

    So please let us know what is causing this.

    Since I could not stand all the calls I think I removed these characters with the following SQL command

    UPDATE wp_posts set post_content = (replace(post_content, “”, ” “))

    Again, any help is appreciated.

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