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  • Granted, this does not plague my system but it has become a curio.

    About Once a month I get two almost identical new comments in my web site with the same time/date stamp The only difference is the address. One is sent to my present e-mail address, the other is sent to a precious one. I don’t know if they differ from each other month-to-month but I am now saving them to compare.

    Since I get all kinds of confused perusing the configuration menus trying to check the settings, I have given up looking. It may be possible that both e-mail addresses are in there somewhere. Send me some paths and I will check it out.

    This last set caught my eye because the message is asking “Is it alright to put a portion of this on my site if perhaps I submit a reference point to this web-site?”. This time I checked the IP address and found it to be from somewhere on the east coast of China and the author is “Escort Shanghai.

    I used to, but to my knowledge no longer have, comment blocks in my site. There should be no way someone can come into the site and leave a message. I may have missed one but I have checked.

    My registration is now restricted manual acceptance and then only if the user has an e-mail address from the university. All 40 members are from this term and all previous members have been deleted.

    The note from WordPress suggests that I Please Moderate:”Homework:” and that there is “A new comment on the post Homework”. but don’t see how they are linked to that post?

    How did this message get into my system?

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  • It’s just common comment spam. Activate Akismet plugin and many of these will be quarantined. If you prefer, you can use multiple plugins (e.g. Cookies for Comments, Bad Behavior) in addition to Akismet to prevent even more questionable comments from appearing but you may also encounter more false positives.

    If you only have a handful of spam comments so far, Akismet should be enough.

    You can try out my plugin which is linked with my website and I am maintaining database of spammers including IP addresses.

    You can download plugin from:


    Thanks for this post, i’m having similar problems @

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Please do not post in others’ threads unless you’re contributing towards their issues.

    If you want to discuss your own issues, you can create your own thread.

    It is my programming nature to want to know what is happening before I correct it therefore I have not yet installed Akismet. As I said, the posts come in very rarely and it is not a real problem but how they are getting in is my question.

    All posts require my approval so at least they are not getting out. I have no side bars and the site is read only. I did find old posts with “Add comments” enabled. These were probably created back before I eliminated comment sections and sidebars.

    Is this how the comments are still being delivered? If so how and now that I have disabled the “add Comment option, will they stop or is there some other way they are getting to me?

    I could delete the comments to close that opening but programming skills dictate to do one change at a time.

    Thoughts appreciated…

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Emerogorek: Comments can be enabled or disabled on a post-by-post basis. Turning off the main option in Settings->Discussion only changes this for new posts, not for all old past posts.

    You can use the Bulk Edit function on the Posts screen to disable comments for older posts en masse.

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