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  • How about telling people that you put advertising on the print pages to people who use this. That is a totally unprofessional print process. Who would use it like that?

    I would think at minimum you would state this on the home page of the plugin and say that in order to remove the adds, do this for this cost. But I installed the plugin and ran a test only to find out and I am now pissed! I looked around your plugin page figuring I missed something and found nothing, not any indication of such and not even a clear indication as to where to upgrade. I read other comments here from others about your recurring cost and decided to just uninstall and go for another option.

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  • Thanks for the warning. I’ll stay away from this plugin. Maybe there’s a better way to offer this to folks who want to print information directly from a professional’s site.

    Not as fancy, but free and professional looking, I ended up doing this:

    David, thanks. Instructions bookmarked. I’m still a novice, but maybe by the time I need to include the print button, I’ll understand them better. Maybe you can create a plugin 🙂

    I have the Print Friendly tool in my browser, and it works fine. No ads appear on my printouts. Their website offers a way to add a Print Friendly functional button with an HTML site. Is there any way to use that code in a WordPress site rather than using their plugin, or would the end result be the same; i.e., advertising being printed?

    It’s a shame they include advertising, because otherwise Print Friendly is a very helpful and easy-to-use tool.

    PrintFriendly has a dedicated team of personnel working to develop this product as well as provide customer support (to both free and paid users). That’s why the ads are necessary for its revenue. You can also use Ad-Free version, like many professionals do, to remove ads. That’s up to you.

    In any case, ads are never printed. They just show up while the tool is sending the page to printer. If ads appear in print, it must be a bug and should be directed to

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    That’s why the ads are necessary for its revenue.

    Just for clarification (I have not yet installed the plugin myself) but where is the ad code generated? Is the ad code in the plugin?

    My complaint is that you should simply make it clear up front that the plugin “as is” has ads on it, that there is an ad version and a version with out ads. On the free version, there is an ad that appears when a user is sending their print to the printer. One can upgrade for X price per year to a version without ads – click here for that version.

    Honestly, if I had read that up front, I would have made the decision up front as whether I wanted to pay for a professional solution (no ads) or search for or create one myself with no ads. I would more likely have paid for it if it was presented up front as such, but having implemented it and adjusted it for my site, and then in final testing found the ad – I was frustrated and felt tricked.

    I understand the reason for charging for services. It is a more solid business model some solutions that better guarantees there is cash flow to keep the plugin supported over time, which is also important when choosing plugins for a site. I am just asking for transparency rather than surprises.

    Thanks for hearing me out.

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    Sorry for your frustration. Will make it more clear in the description.



    Thanks Taylor.

    Thanks David for giving link how to insert print icon on our website.

    Also, found this wonderful link of wordpress telling how to customise print preview. It is much more clearer than the articles of printfriendly on the subject.

    I asked them on this issue but they have ignored my emails and support forum queries and have not responded yet on this issue.

    Clearly, their support service is lacking.

    Hi kmoksha, are you referring to PrintFriendly support where you asked and didn’t receive a response? PrintFriendly responds to every email received, so it’s highly unlikely that any email went unanswered.

    Could you send your email again to

    Hi aisajib,

    Are you from Print friendly support or in anyway authorised to comment on their behalf ?

    If yes, please give proof of the same.

    Would not like to respond to your comments until then.


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