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  • Hey,
    Can someone tell me what this is?

    I tried to remove a wordpress install from my main directory that was not the generic wordpress. (It had ads on it and prevented me from setting a static front page, hence the removal)

    Anyway, I tried to remove the install by going to phpMyAdmin from cPanel. I removed wordpress but there’s a database there with 33 tables. I checked all of them and then clicked ‘drop’ to have them deleted. I got this message:

    #1044 – Access denied for user ‘XXXXXX’@’localhost’ to database ‘information_schema’

    I’m unable to get rid of them.

    I am setting up a new website and want a fresh clean install of wordpress on there. How do I go about removing everything off that new domain name? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I think your username is wrong.

    When you install wp, you are able to choose a prefix to the databse install, if you pick a new prefix it wont mix with the old one and it will be fresh.

    you don’t want to delete that – it’s used by phpmyadmin

    Hey Sam,
    I thought about that but I second guessed myself. The reason being is that I don’t remember seeing that in the other database for another site that I have.

    However if that’s the case, it’s a good thing that it gave me such a hard time to remove. I’ll keep reading up on it though….just to satisfy my own curiosity. If you have any info. along this line please point me to it.
    Much success to you.

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