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    Hi there, I can see that this plugin might be discontinued, but maybe some one can answer my questions.

    I was probably expecting something else from this plugin, when I thought that this plugin changed the BuddyPress name to the WP username, so the member had only one name displayed, their BuddyPress nickname.

    But under the members profile information, I can see the BuddyPress name is still displayed.

    What is this plugin actually syncing, apparently nothing visible, and how is it different from the core BuddyPress to WordPress profile syncing?


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  • Plugin Author SGr33n


    Actually it’s not discontiuned it’s just that there are not relevant news about it ATM πŸ™‚
    It’s syncing XProfile first name with WordPress first_name, then the same for last_name, description, user_url and locale.

    The BP displayed name it’s another thing, and you can change it, but it’s not what this plugin does.

    Hi, Im glad to hear that the plugin is still alive and kicking πŸ˜‰

    ‘It’s syncing XProfile first name with WordPress first_name’

    From this, I would expect to see the XProfile name inherit the WP account name, but this is not the case? It is only the connection between the two names, this plugin keeps in sync?

    Yes, my goal is to make the registration process more lean and logic to users, by only having one user/account name registration.


    Plugin Author SGr33n


    In short:

    WP have various default fields:

    On WP you can change display name in order to have username, last_name + first_name, first_name + last_name and more combinations.

    BuddyPress has the “name” field that by default is the display_name.

    When you change the BuddyPress name, the WP display name will not change, neither the BP displayed name (on profile pages, on the members directory etc. ) or any WP related data will change.

    BuddyPress developed an option ( Settings > BuddyPress > Options > “Allow BuddyPress to Sync with the WordPress Profile” ) but it doesn’t work at all, because then, when you change the BP name field, this will affect on three WP fields: display_name, it will erase the last_name field and will change nickname and the name to the same value, the name you inserted. So this will change the BuddyPress displayed name, but you will loose every data about WP users. This is not a bug, looks like this is what the BP developers wanted to do.

    With BuddyPress to WordPress full sync you can sync WP fields and BP fields. So if you change the WP first_name it will sync eg. with the BP field name, or if you change the WP last_name field, it can be synced with a BP surname profile fields and vice versa. The display name will remain the one you set on WP since that this is the BuddyPress default behavior.

    Then you can implement BuddyPress with a custom function that can display, in the members directory, the first name + last name fields, or the nickname, but this is not ATM what this Plugin is developed for.

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    Hi Sergio, thanks for the clarification.


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