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  • There is a sidebar.php file in /wp-admin. How does this differ from the sidebar.php file in each theme folder?

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    its a file used for the admin area. Open it and look at the first few lines:

    $mode = 'sidebar';
    if ( ! current_user_can('edit_posts') )
    	wp_die(__('Cheatin’ uh?'));
    if ('b' == $_GET['a']) {

    That doesnt look a theme file to me, does it to you? 🙂

    A friendly headsup. these are all text files. if you downloaded wordpress you can always unzip the files and open them in a text editor to get a quick if not throughough feel for whats what.

    You cant break anything thats not replacable

    it’s the sidebar for your administration pages.

    Thanks for the replies! Unfortunately, mine does look like a theme sidebar! And I now know the dumb mistake I made when initially learning my way around WordPress.

    I installed WP on a GoDaddy Domain, using their site so I did not actually download any original WP files to my computer. I do keep copies of themes and files I change on my computer and also backed up.

    The first day I used WP, I played around with editing theme files to see how difficult it was for a beginner to tweak WP. I was happy with what I found, but this is what I think I did. I would FTP theme files to my computer, work on them and FTP them back to my host, replacing the original file. I did keep backups until I was sure the changes I made worked. I also have backups of all original theme files.

    I believe, I must have incorrectly ftp’ed and replaced that wp-admin/sidebar.php file during one of my ftp sessions, thinking I was in a theme directory. Dumb beginners mistake which seems obvious to me now!

    Because I installed directly on Go Daddy, I have no original copy of that file to put back. What can I do? I suppose I could download a copy of WP to my computer, open the zip and ftp a copy of the wp-admin file back to my GoDaddy install. I am not sure if GoDaddy has the latest patch of WP installed, but maybe that one file would be the same in both?





    download the zip, unpack it, and upload the copy that came in the zip.

    Might want to make sure you download the same version, just in case there have been any minor changes to the file, unlikely but possible.

    Your own current version of WP ought to be displayed on the bottom of your admin pages.

    Thanks! My edit crossed your reply! Great to get the fast help. I have another issue that I posted on yesterday regarding my rss feed that is much more puzzling and unfortunately has no replies.

    I’m glad I have not put the site up and running yet as the learning curve is bigger than the lazy blogging applications I have been using. But… I now have no doubt that WP is the way to go. Once I get better at editing and making changes to things, the increased control I will have over sites and content will be fantastic!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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