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  • SS_(random characters)_import.php

    The single and double *s are folder names (removed and replaced with *s). I was editing a page when I noticed that when I tried to preview it, the page went into a continual load. Then the whole site went into a continual load.

    Probably unrelated, but when I checked my base ftp directory (to make sure the whole site wasn’t just down), I noticed two new files:

    ss_blank.php (which simply had a php call to echo “200”) and ss_(random characters)_(more random characters)_import.php. I tried a Google search and found pretty much nothing on the matter. Nothing on these forums, either.

    However, most of the returned results were “/index of/” on machines that were hosted by Bluehost. Is this a background feature of theirs that I’m being overly paranoid about or is it something worse?

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  • Did you install your WordPress site using Simple Scripts? Simple Scripts will automatically create some files to help it create a backup of your site when your site is installed or upgraded. I think you should be okay to just delete those, but you might want to contact your host and confirm it if you’re worried about it.

    Didn’t even think about the Simple Scripts. Makes sense now. Thanks.

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