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  1. Boyevul
    Posted 4 years ago #

    SS_(random characters)_import.php

    The single and double *s are folder names (removed and replaced with *s). I was editing a page when I noticed that when I tried to preview it, the page went into a continual load. Then the whole site went into a continual load.

    Probably unrelated, but when I checked my base ftp directory (to make sure the whole site wasn't just down), I noticed two new files:

    ss_blank.php (which simply had a php call to echo "200") and ss_(random characters)_(more random characters)_import.php. I tried a Google search and found pretty much nothing on the matter. Nothing on these forums, either.

    However, most of the returned results were "/index of/" on machines that were hosted by Bluehost. Is this a background feature of theirs that I'm being overly paranoid about or is it something worse?

  2. bh_WP_fan
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Did you install your WordPress site using Simple Scripts? Simple Scripts will automatically create some files to help it create a backup of your site when your site is installed or upgraded. I think you should be okay to just delete those, but you might want to contact your host and confirm it if you're worried about it.

  3. Boyevul
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Didn't even think about the Simple Scripts. Makes sense now. Thanks.

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