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  • I am trying to migrate content from my own custom db to the wordpress db, and I am curious as to what the wp_post_type field is supposed to contain. I have looked for information on this but sadly without success so far. Could anyone post more info on this subject?

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  • Should designate if it is a post or a page

    Isn’t that in the post_status? Like: enum(‘publish’, ‘draft’, ‘private’, ‘static’, ‘object’, ‘attachment’)
    where “static” being the Page.


    I thought about that prior to my response, but post_status seems like it’s now a state, leaning away from its type…there’s nothing on it in the Codex…Trac has this:

    post_type (not wp_post_type?) is not, I believe, used in WP 2.0. It is used in the next release (assume 2.1) to hold the type of post but as far as I am aware is left empty in 2.0.

    At least, I have never seen it contain anything…

    That may be…I don’t have any 2.0.x installs, just 2.1…so, perhaps the answer to clevershark is, ignore that field if you’re using something 2.0.x and below…

    I’ve never seen anything in that field either. I was hoping to be able to classify posts in two ways — by post type (article/link/blog entry) and category (media/net/sports/etc.) — because I keep track of both categorizations now.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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