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  • javadth


    I have not gone more than three days in my blog admin page and activing plugins but i always check my home page and Encounter by this error

    Your 7 day trial of SourceCop has expired. Please visit to purchase a license.

    what is this and what should i do to solve this

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  • It’s hard to determine exactly what the issue is

    What theme are you using and where did you get it? It looks like it might not be a reputable theme, and may include some encryption implemented in a crappy way

    Note, I said ‘might’ I cannot be 100%, I”m guessing based on Google info but need more info to determine



    i am using my theme In about four months.
    and this name is i think crazy sky

    Yiou can go to to investigate what it is

    It’s a way to hide PHP code, which isn’t exactly in line with the spirit of WordPress.

    That is why I believe that either a plugin or theme you have is using it, but improperly. Unless you have installed it somewhere, but it doesn’t sound like it.

    I can’t find the theme you mentioned to check it out any further

    But you may want to try switching to 2011 theme to see if the warning goes away. If not, try deactivating your plugins to see. You can at least narrow it down to find the problem.



    i cant access my wp-admin/

    this was showing there

    You can disable plugins and switch to 2011 theme from ftp.

    Or a file manager if your host has one.

    To switch to 2011 theme, you navigate to wp-content folder, then themes
    Rename the folder for your currently active theme to something else like crazyskyOLD (I usually just add OLD to the end of the folder nem)

    Doing that will reset your theme to 2011

    You can deactivate all plugins by renaming the plugin folder to something else



    I’ve removed all plugins and the problem was solved

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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