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    Dear EventsManager Developers,

    thank you for your awesome plugin! We use it and it was almost perfect for our needs! I write almost, because we wanted to work exclusively with OpenStreetMaps, and without any need of GoogleMaps. We made the needed modifications in the source code -mostly javascript- and now it works as we wanted.

    Since there might be other people too out there that would be interested in our solution, I would like to ask you what is the License of your source code in version 5.9.5? Can we upload on a public git (ex. github or gitlab) repository our modified version of the plugin, mentioning of course your credits ?

    Looking forward for your response

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  • Patrick


    EM User here too.

    The easiest way to disable Google Maps in EM and replace it with OpenStreetMap is by using my add-on. That will do all the work for you 🙂

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Hey @konnpp,

    Thanks for your interest in EM and for asking! You’re welcome to upload the plugin to github and mention us.

    What I would say though, is that if you’re modifying the plugin itself just for the sake of adding OSM support, you’d be better off overriding our hooks/filters. You can completely disable Google Maps and replace it via an add-on to EM, making it more beneficial to other users since they make the best of our regular updates to this plugin and you only need to maintain your specific code. Worst-case, you could just override the JS file entirely, although now that you mention it there is merit in possibly splitting the Gmaps code into another JS file one day, allowing the removal of any google maps JS (even if it isn’t used).

    You may want to check out @duisterdenhaag’s implementation instead. A lot of work has already gone into that one and it integrates with our plugin.

    Patrick (@duisterdenhaag), Marcus (@netweblogic),

    thank you guys for your immediate answers! It took me some time to reply since we wanted to try first Patrick suggestion. It seems a solid alternative to google maps!

    Still, since our needs to put new locations on events are maximum 5 per week, we based our requests (Address to Coordinates) on

    Also due lack of time, we made the modifications on the source, rather build our solution using hooks/filters of your plugin Marcus. That could be a future project.




    The EM OSM uses a free OpenCage API key retrieve address info and coordinates, also based on Nominatim, but the found address is much better formatted.

    The OpenCage API key allows 2500 calls per month and is only called when you click “Search New Address”. So only when you create a new location.

    So I do not understand the problem.

    There isn’t any problem Patrick! We didn’t knew the existence of OpenCage service and your plugin before we made our modification.

    OpenCageAPI needs a registration to use their API (even for free). For maximum 20 requests per month there isn’t any reason to make even a free registration.

    About the format of the address, our needs are to type the address (we don’t want to place or move the mark by hand on the map), and the service returns the coordinates.



    That is exactly what my plugin does as well. But it also formats all location fields to the official formatting, fetches the coordinates and saves them to the database.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    @konnpp you’ll probably save yourself a lot of time in the future if you switch to Patrick’s implementation, assuming it does what you need. Each time you need to update EM, you’ll have to re-add all your custom coding into the plugin.

    If you’re short on time now, that work will take its toll over time, whereas hopefully using a ready-written plugin will only cost you initial setup time.

    but, that’s your choice in the end 🙂



    there isn’t any reason to make even a free registration.

    I disagree. Using the registration saves a lot of time implementing the service. Registering only takes 2 minutes and you’re all done. Actually, the choice for the free version of the API is based on the fact you do indeed not need it that much, so users will not (easily) exceed the limit and still enjoy the great benefits of OpenCage over Nominatim. 😉

    Also, I agree with Marcus. He developed the wonderful EM with a lot of hooks and filters, but if you alter the actual code, all your work will be lost when the plugin updates.

    Also, on my own website I create a new location maybe once a month. Still, it is easier to use the plugin than to do that “manually”

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    @netweblogic I will have that in mind when we will plan the next update. Since Patrick’s plugin doesn’t cover all our needs, we will develop our own with hooks.

    Once again, thank you for EM plugin, and keep up the good work!

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