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    All the shortcodes are in the plugin readme.

    This is an extract:

    The first shortcode is [gedshow living="yes"] or [gedshow living="no"], as usual the shortcode should be typed in lowercase and surrounded by square brackets. This displays a list of all the surnames in the database with a count of the number of records who have that surname in brackets next to the surname. The surname is displayed on a button, clicking on this button then shows the first and surname of all those individuals of the surname clicked and hides the all surnames records, again the names are displayed on a button. Clicking on this new button shows the individual record of that person. Currently occupations, birth, baptism, death, burial, residence and occupation dates and places are shown. If the individual had children a 'show tree' button is displayed, clicking this button shows a graphical tree of the family below the marriage details. The names of the  spouse and children of the individual are links and clicking on any of these changes the display of fact to that new individuals details.
    The second shortcode is [surname sn="smith" living="yes"] or [surname sn="smith" living="no"]. Replace smith with the surname of your choice within double quotes (ensuring that the surname exists in your gedcom). This shortcode then displays the data as above.
    The third shortcode is [gs_individual id="I1" name="Y"] This shortcode can be placed on any page or post and will display the persons name (if Y is in the shortcode) followed by their Birth, Marriage and Death details and then any person level notes. Additional information and photos can then be added in the usual way. The reference number can be found for the person in the header of their normal Gedshow page by hovering over their name. More details on the demo site.
    The fourth shortcode is [gs_tree id="I1"] This displays a 3 generation Ancestor tree for a chosen individual. The id number is found in the same was as shortcode 3 above. The shortcode can be used anywhere on a page or post. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SHORTCODE DOES NOT CHECK FOR LIVING INDIVIDUALS BEING DISPLAYED.
    The first two shortcodes can now have living yes / no qualifier. So [gedshow living="yes"] or [surname sn="smith" living="yes"]. If you do not add the living qualifier living=no is assumed.
    **For these new shortcodes to work you MUST re-import your gedcom file as there are database changes.** There is a new page on the demo website on using this new living qualifier.
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    Using any of these shortcodes doesn’t show a hierachy. How i show a hierarchy of my entire family?

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    The plugin does not do that due to the potential numbers of people in a gedcom file.

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