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  • I’m really wondering what the point of the “Profile” is. You just fill the stuff out, but no one else can see it, and as far as I can see, it isn’t used in any way. Also, this even defeats the purpose of even creating an account. It would be really nive if people could create an account, fill out the profile, when they need to make posts, they don’t have to fill out the name and e-mail stuff, and even make it so they can watch their comments. If this was the future plan to the profile thing, then, great minds think alike. 😀
    BTW, WordPress is the best weblog I’ve ever seen.

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  • WP uses some of the profile all the time and you are free to use the rest (I use it to display ICQ and AIM accounts). Not sure I follow you, especially your comment “this even defeats the purpose of even creating an account”

    every element of the profile is available as a tag to be included in the blog page…

    I’m trying to simply create an email link using the data in my profile. I see the tag here but I don’t know PHP syntax and must be messing something up because when I use this:
    Email: >ME
    I get a link to the index.php page. I’ve gone and reset my Profile page thinking something was broken with it but get no change. I’ve checked the data in MySQL and everything looks right.
    Any thoughts??

    Oy it won’t let me paste in the code without trying to execute it. Let me try to mangle it so it will display. Added quotes to try and kill it. Or you can view the source and see what I wrote in the previous post.
    Email: <“a href”=”<?php the_author_email(); ?>”>”Rong”

    That is probably because you have it outside the loop. It only works inside the loop,
    href=mailto:"<?php the_author_email(); ?>"><?php the_author_firstname(); ?>

    Oops, I was logged out and didn’t know it, now I can’t edit that post – forgot to place the closing in backticks 🙁

    The ‘author’ tags listed above are mainly useful for weblogs where more than one person posts. Their use seems pretty limited for single-user weblogs. Sounds like the original poster is hankering after Blogger-style public profiles 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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