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  • That’s the punishment for posting the same in three (3) different) topics in 17 hours.


    But I only have posted it once. I know there are other related posts in the archive, but none of them have a concrete answer.

    Am I not clear in my…?

    Honhaar: You posted at 6 hours ago, 5 hours ago, 2 hours ago, and 1 hour ago, and now this. Are you serious? You do realize this is a support forum staffed by volunteers only and that it might be more than a day or two before you get an answer, yes/no?

    Plus, continually bumping your posts pretty much ensures that many people won’t see it. See, this forum has a wonderful feature that shows us posts with only one post in them. When you bump your post, then your post disappears from that view because now it has two posts in it. See?

    Next time, wait more than a couple days for an answer. Or look elsewhere. Or solve it yourself. Don’t rely on unpaid volunteers for urgent problems. If you need it solved NOW, then hire somebody. I recommend the wp-pro mailing list for finding people capable of solving things on a for-pay basis.


    you “only” bumped it 3 times… which successfully removed your topic from the “unanswered topics” queue, so it seems solved with 3 replies.
    Regular helpers start with the unanswered threads, FYI.

    I am sorry. I am new to this. I apologize. My bad. I have been trying to find a paid programmer but have been unsuccessful. but will try it through wp-pro list


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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