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  • Eric Robert


    I don’t understand why WordPress has to keep updating a blog version so frequent if its going to keep messing up everything. Its seems so annoying. Can I go back to the previous version somehow?

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  • Do you ask Microsoft, Apple, Google, Adobe or any of the other software vendors when they release updates to?…

    The software and technology moves with the time, security, features, bug fixes, you name it, there’s lots of reasons to provide on-going updates.

    Reasoning usually falls along the same lines..

    Eric Robert


    I understand that but its so frequent and causes so many problems. I wish I didn’t upgrade to the new version. Its all the plugins that aren’t compatable with the new version, so its more work and researching to do to keep things working correctly.

    What do you usually do when there is a new version and have a bunch of plugins? I am curious as I am new to blogging.

    Different problems can be caused by different things, i can’t imagine every problem is directly a result of a WordPress upgrade.

    I write and mod plugins (for fun and to learn), and i don’t have any compatibility problems under 2.8 + all the way upto 3.0 … (i use the most recent (betas etc..) on my local install – stable version on live site)..

    There can be alot of differences between how functions behave in PHP between versions (same can be said for mysql), something as simple as one version number can be the difference between functionality and errors. It’s impossible to have a totally bug free piece of software (well i’m yet to see any such software in my lifetime), there’s just to many variables (unknown factors) to conclusively point at one area as being a cause of a problem.

    Software can only be soo smart, it’s going to fail somewhere. You can write and write for every possible scenario you can imagine, but you can still bet some average joe out there finds a way to make your software break, it’s just the way it goes.

    Good software either a) rarely needs an update, or b) receives them as often as they are required. If you find the delay between WordPress versions and plugin updates too much, then you need to consider alternatives to ones that receive minimal updates and cause the most problems.

    For the most part, plugins shouldn’t break after an update. I’ve not had a broken plugin since, i think.. early 2.8, but maybe 2.7 .. auto upgraded each time since 2.7 … and that was a downloaded plugin that never worked anyhow…

    Just because it’s available as a plugin doesn’t means it’s written to the same standard as WordPress (just something to consider – i’ve seen shocking code in a few plugins).

    Ryan Paul



    You try to reduce your site’s dependencies on plugins as much as possible, and where things can be done with raw php in the theme then do it.

    What’s your website and what plugins aren’t working?

    Eric Robert


    Hey thanks for both of your information. I am still trying to understand the blogging thing and if problems arise this often or not. Knowledge is key.

    othellobloke, my blog is

    I got some things fixed by removing some pluggins that weren’t allowing people to comment on my blog at all. It said something like “error”.

    Now the blog just won’t schedule a future post at all after I downloaded 2.9. What is the reason for this? Is there anyway to go back to the previous version, because I depend on the schedule post feature alot.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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