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  • This download does not seem to exist. I have a brand new computer and it has been compatible with everything else so far, this is the first brick wall I have run into. Usually if I want to download a program or an update I simply click the ‘download’ button, click ‘save file’, wait for the the download, right click and click ‘open’.

    Usually the download will take it from there, with an occasional confirmation from me. When I click ‘download’ here, it does have the pop-up window prompting me to save the file, then the downloading window appears. Upon it’s completion I right-click ‘open’, and it takes me to a folder containing what appears to be hundreds of files related to this program. I have tried to run as many of these as I have the patience for.

    I came across this download from a Disney movie hosting site called that said I needed to download this plugin to view the videos the website hosts. Seeming as how less than an hour before it had played a full-feature film with no problem, I assumed this was standard. No such luck. This doesn’t make any sense. I might also mention all of my adobe flash player+java plugins are up to date and all other videos are streaming perfectly.

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