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    Hi guys,

    i have seen on another blogs the feature which is shown in the pic I am attaching,

    I want to apply something like this to my blog but I dont know what’s the name of it so I dont know where to search for the instructions

    My main concern is how do I do it that the most recent post is at the top looking like a second header full width and then previous posts appear normally

    have a look at the pic, i illustrated what i want to achieve

    I would really appreciate if someone explains
    Im desperate lol

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    you don’t seem to have linked to the pic you mention, but it sounds like you might find some relevant information at:

    i just realised i forgot, yes this is what i meant and all of the websites mentioned in the link you provided talk about styling.

    i dont want to change fonts, etc i want it to be wide and looking like a header, could you give me a link to this particular thing????

    I cant find help anywhere on that one

    thats my illustration



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    This is controlled by your theme. What theme are you using? Where did you download it from?

    i am going to change my theme once i find out how to do what i want to do. to be honest i think any theme would work for as long as i can add ‘read more’ thingy and ‘the thing’ i illustrated on the pic

    ZINNIA or IGNITE would do i think



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    All we can suggest is that you browse the themes in The tag filter may help you narrow down your search to just the themes containing the features that you want. Any additional functionality that you need may be added via plugins but all of the themes should support the read more functionality.

    yes, that’s fine. but what is the name of the feature i want?????

    if it helps anyone, the feature i want is on this blog:

    but no chance i can get a response from her how to do it

    Try “featured post”

    “featured post” doesnt work



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    Try looking for a magazine theme.

    guys it doesnt work.. can you respond only if you are 100% sure how i can achieve this…

    otherwise people keep answering my question and i still dont have an answer



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    The forums are staffed by unpaid volunteers who give up their free time try to point people in the right direction – not do the work for them. We cannot provide 100% sure-fire answers – especially for something as subjective as a theme. If that is not suitable for your needs, you may want to consider hiring someone instead.

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    I can tell you what you could do to accomplish this, but the actual implementation would be fairly theme-dependent.

    If you put:

    <?php if ( ! is_paged() && 0 == $wp_query->current_post ) : ?>
    <article id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>" <?php post_class( 'first-one' ); ?>>
    <?php else : ?>
    <article id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>" <?php post_class(); ?>>
    <?php endif; ?>
        ... code to display individual blog posts ...

    The first blog post on the first page of posts would have the additional HTML class of first-one, which you could then target with CSS like this:

    .first-one a {
        color: blue;
    a {
        color: orange;

    Those CSS rules would make all of your hyperlinks orange, except for any hyperlinks contained in the first blog post, which would be blue instead.

    Again, how you would ultimately implement this would be theme-dependent, but this should give you a base to start from.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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