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    I’m working with a child theme (wp2017) and have some questions about the uploading rules to the Theme Repository, by that I mean specifically for child themes. I have sought but not found what I’m looking for, so if anyone can give me an answer I would appreciate it =)

    1) I have seen child themes in the repository who not pass the theme check when I check manually because they have more than one text domain, yet they are approved. Is it OK to have two text domains? (none had a translation po-file). If I must have, where do I find 2017 po-file? I read you don’t should use them any longer. A little bit confusing.

    2) Theme check plugin says “Child theme does not have the Template Version tag in style.css.” Is it a recommendation or is it mandatory? Most child theme has it (so I have seen). I erased that tag but the plugin still gives me warning about it.

    3) Is there a more comprehensive manual/codex about child theme repository?

    4) Perhaps it’s easier to ask; what do I need to implement into my child theme so it passes? =)

    I’m not new to WordPress, but definitely about the rules when to upload a child theme to the theme repository. So I thank You in advance.

    Have a gorgeous weekend /kindly Lillan

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    Please contact the theme review folks in the #themereview channel on Slack.

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    Thanks =)

    I haven’t seen you in Slack.
    1. Theme Check will show some errors for child themes since it’s built for parent themes. There can be a max of two text domains, but only for a library since the lookups use the line number. You should not use the parent text domain since you would have a different line number.

    2. Every theme in the repository needs to have a version number for update checking.

    3. Not really. The child theme should add something to the parent, not just change styles or colors.

    4. There’s no such list. There are several child themes for Twenty Seventeen already, so you can look and see what they did. But any new one can’t clone existing ones.

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    Hi Joy, I haven’t been in Slack, perhaps I should, I am a member since 2008 =)

    1) Good to know it could be 2 text domains. Nope I don’t uses the parents text domain.

    2) When you check child theme it says you should not use a template version number. However, I’m gonna use it anyway.


    4) I have looked how other have done, and their themes fails in the theme check plugin, yet you can find them in the repository, that’s why I asked if there was a significant difference when you upload a child theme.

    Well, thanks for answer me, you “cleared” it up a little bit =) I hope you’ll have a nice friday evening.

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    I come up with a new question. I’m using Theme Sniffer and when this checked (WPThemeReview: Ruleset for WordPress theme review requirements (Required) ) it alert one problem. WordPress own code generate an error:
    <p class="site-description"><?php echo $description; ?></p>

    “WARNING All output should be run through an escaping function (see the Security sections in the WordPress Developer Handbooks), found ‘$description’.”

    I have tried some solutions but with no success. What to do?

    New questions should go in new posts, but as Steven said, these types of questions don’t really belong on support forums.
    If you have a question for the Theme Review team, please ask in Slack.
    If you have a question concerning a plugin, please ask on the plugin’s support forum.

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