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  • Hey.

    im new to this.

    and im following the guide
    and is says i have to
    “Copy the index.php and .htaccess files from My Blog directory into the root directory of my site (Blog address).”

    i know what and where the index.php, but i dont know what the
    .htaccess file is ? ..

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  • htaccess is a hidden file, you can see it if you can see your hidden files.

    .htacess is not a hidden file, it’s a file that you need to create, copy and paste the section below the custom area field if you wanted to change the way the permalinks are presented, save the file, don’t forget to remove the txt extension after uploading and there is a period (.) after the word “htaccess”

    It’s a hidden file alright, I can’t see them in my FTP client because “htaccess” is not an extension. Some FTP clients can “show hidden files” which works. Lozy is right that the file isn’t there by default, so you might have to make one. WP makes one when you change permalinks, or when you use a plugin that uses htaccess (such as AskApache password protect), but you can also make one yourself by making a file called htaccess.txt (or something), uploading it and change the name to .htaccess (after which it may disappear).

    .htaccess is an Apache web server configuration file. It can be used to do a lot of things. But on my site, I see a .htaccess that is being used for mod-rewrite which is related to making permalinks be user-friendly urls. More information about .htaccess file here.

    In my FTP application, I can see hidden files if I set the preferences to show hidden files. If you are using Fetch on Mac OS X, go to Preferences / Miscellaneous. Under Display, uncheck “Omit filenames beginning with a period”

    I am using Dreamhost as my webhosting company and wordpress 2.7 version for my blog. I cannot see the .htaccess file on my FTP server and hence cannot modify it to change the ”Preferences” to 755. Please help.

    dreamhost makes the .htaccess file a hidden system file 😉

    which FTP program are you using? if you’re using filezilla, just click on ‘view’ and then ‘show hidden files’ and click on the refresh view button. the .htaccess file should pop up then.

    Good Luck!

    There IS no extension for the .htaccess file. Notice the preceding dot? I suggest doing a simple search to read what you can do with an .htaccess file – which is a bunch. WP installs one by default if you change the permalinks to “pretty” – other wise you can create on with a basic text editor, insert the parameters you want, and save it as “.htaccess”

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    They have their own help notes 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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