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  1. Baileyph
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    This may be a silly question, but so far when I search Google and the forums for "What is the function of a menu?" I get more advanced issues concerning errors with menus and such. I am completely new to wordpress, and this menu think has me somewhat puzzled. Is this just a way for users to navigate within your site? I see sections on the the menu tab for pages, categories or custom links. I am building a blog, so if I built a menu would my blogs just be my home page? Then the links and catagories on my menu would take the user to my customized links and catagories?

  2. Rev. Voodoo
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    Is this just a way for users to navigate within your site?

    Essentially, yes. The menu usually sits near the top of your site, and guides people to what you want them to see. It's just a fancy way to organize links. It usually guides to pages or categories, maybe some off site links, etc. Whatever you want

    Your menu doesn't really have anything to do with your blog posts. By default, those just normally go to your front page


    visit my site if you like. There is a header graphic. Under that is the menu I set up, mostly links to pages, and some off site stuff.

    Under that some photos I used a plugin for, and the my blog posts

    You don't have to set up a menu per se, often any pages you make will show up there automatically..... it's up to you to set up a custom menu, or stick with default

  3. Baileyph
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Ok :) That is easier to understand. Thanks!

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