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  • Here is an example I want to achieve:

    I need to put both Header and Menu all screezed to the very left, in a minimalist fashion, leaving lots of space for post content. I know it should not be difficult but so far after some research online, I can achieve a vertical menu under the header but post content is not position to the right of the menu bar, but underneath it.

    I am using Twenty Twelve theme.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Michael


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    this might need a major readjustment of the styles of Twenty Twelve, and might possibly involve change the html structure of some of the templates;

    start with creating a child theme to make the customisation;

    could you post a link to your site to illustrate what you have so far ?

    Thank you! I spent a lot of effort but not successful. So I figure out a roundabout way: I hide the menu, shrink the width of the default sidebar and move it to the left, and then place the menu widget on the sidebar, and get rid of all the other default widgets. This way, I got what I want. The link:

    I am almost satisfied with what I got. But I need to do one more thing : I need another horizontal menu next to the site title at the same level. An example here:
    Twenty Twelve allows me to easily create multiple menus and I know how to tweet CSS to change their looks, but I do not know how to put a menu at the same level of the title. Can you shed some light?

    I do have a child theme.

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