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    I can get the pics onto the sliders, but no matter how I play with them I cannot get them equal sizes. Any tips?

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  • Tareq


    As I am sure you are aware, your slider images are all different dimensions. Unfortunately, playing around with the dimensions will only distort/stretch the images.

    You’ll need to edit the images themselves to define a specific height and width that stays consistent with the rest of your slides. You may have to re-create an image just to fit your dimensions (i.e. the one with text it in) or it could become unreadable.

    There are many tools/programs to enable you to do this.

    Thanks Tareq. I am trying to enlarge some pics. I know the quality will suffer, but until I get newer (and correct size pics) these will have to do. Any programs that will enlarge? I see that lots will shrink.

    This is an old post but in case someone else is looking, here is how I solved it. I used Photoscape, a great free image editing software. I initially resized the image to 1170 pixels wide. I used 1170 to maintain quality even though zAlive reduces it further. I then crop the height of the image to exactly 380 pixels. You can view the height as you are cropping in photoscape. After I make the image size adjustments, then I do the image sharpening, contrast, and backlight or whatever enhancements that I want to use. If you use the exact same dimensions for each photo, they will slide smoothly. see BurgessAdventures

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    As friends commented above, we just need to resize images

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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