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  • Hello,
    Just joined to WordPress and seems this wordpress has grown a big world. I have a wordpress based blog and I am running this for some time. It is called Great Britain Shop and Voucher Code Information directory. The URL is here.

    Please send me any type of feedback and also if you are interested of back linking please send me a message. Have a great day.

    British Shopping Directory

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  • I mean no disrespect, This is my own view of your site.

    Viewers are STUPID! What i mean is that you have 1 second to sell your site to the user. As a user, as the page loads, they quickly scroll down to see what your site is about with out reading. They then decide if its worth the time to read or to leave. Think about it, how do you determine if a site is Spam or legit?

    As a Viewer, I scroll down seeing outfits for sale, then coupons, then what looks like a tutorial. Your Right, I didnt read a single thing on your site, But would a viewer? HELL NO, they would load the page, try to figure out if this site is for them or not, then read or leave.

    You need to keep your topic focused. If your site is about selling outfits, THEN SELL THEM OUTFITS, if your site is about getting coupons, THE GIVE THEM COUPONS. website topics need to be very very narrow in content. its very difficult to get lots of traffic when you are trying to present a very broad amount of information to the viewer.

    If you would like more help or comments, please feel to email me.
    [email removed]
    I would be happy to help you out because i think you have a great idea going.

    Best of luck!

    Looks like a splash page. I would back click if it were not you asking me to critique your site so I spent another 7 seconds before it seemed like a clearing house for c’mon ads. Sorry.

    Hello guys,
    thanks for your reply. I will surely keep in mind.


    I think the design is good.
    But it sure looks like a MFA page.(like it also seem to be..)
    It is not easy to keep visitors on a page like this.
    I do agree with bretrichter, narrow down the topics.
    It is also easyer to get a se ranking this way…

    Hi Webmag,
    Thanks for your comment. My site’s main content is to give visitor voucher code or sale news. Obviously, they would expect the discounted product link. Do you still think it is seems to be MFA?

    Can you also visit one more time and see is there any development I should be doing?

    British Shopping Directory

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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