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what is the difference between "WP Multi Network" and "Networks for WordPress" (4 posts)

  1. Marcelo Mika
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Could explain it simply, what is the difference between these two pluggins:



  2. chuckingit
    Posted 2 years ago #

    okay - i'll take a stab at it as i've been testing both and took me some time to get my head around them ... my sense is that both of these are GUI wrappers around core network functions ... i say this because first i installed wp-multi-network and had issues ... so then i deactivated and turned on networks-for-wordpress and tried my steps again but this plugin had tooltips that gave me some clues about the errors of my ways in previous plugin ... plus this plugin also has a nifty little "check / test" function that allowed me to test the vars i entered to see if i got a green light ... once i figured it out (parking domains within networks of networks that is on a multisite wp network) then i went back and deactivated both plugins ... i found that my networks still resolved ... now maybe if i waited two days or so to flush DNS cache i might have gotten different result but i don't think so ... it appears that once the network is created, it stays active even if the plugins are deactivate ... which kind of makes sense as both of these plugins allow you to move sub sites from one network to another and then delete a network ... so then i went back to wp-multi-network and reactivated that to see if it would conflict with the settings i had used with networks-for-wordpress and voila - if found all the same info and honored those networks ... hence i thought "okay - this is akin to Justin Tadlock's Members Plugin where he says it is more of a wrapper / gui for core features burried deep within WP" thus my sense is both of these plugins are similar -> wrappers for core features ...

    while i'm at it and for what ever its worth dept ... i was a bit confused on the whole path thing but essentially both plugins are asking for four pieces of info ->
    Network Name:
    Network URL and path
    Create a Main Site
    Main Site Name

    and to go back further, here is outline of my success steps ->

    a) mothership domain ... lets call the WP multisite network mothershipnetwork.com ... and lets say i want to create a new newtork on mothershipnetwork.com called snoopy.com and have snoppy.com resolve to that new network within mothershipnetwork.com as it's own domain plus be the root for any sub sites i might add to snoopy ...

    - note i am using subfolders and not subdomains but process should be similar ...

    b) start at server ... using cPanel i went to mothershipnetwork.com and parked snoopy.com ...

    c) then i went to mothershipnetwork.com and used either plugin to create new network with the following settings ->
    - Network Name = The I Love Snoopy Network (note it appears regardless of which plugin you use, one cannot change the network name once assigned)
    - Network URL = http://snoopy.com and the path is /
    - Create a main site = checked
    - Main Site Name = Snoopy.com

    and voila - new network created that resolves to snoopy.com ... then i used either plugin to move sub sites from mothershipnetwork.com over to the snoopy.com network ... say one of the sites was called speaks ... so then i log out of mothershipnetwork.com and log into snoopy.com/wp-login.php as super admin, give speaks a theme, tweak a tad, and voila - now i have http://snoopy.com/speaks/ as an active sub site on the snoopy.com network which resides on the mothershipnetwork.com core WP multisite network ...

    hope this helps somebody as it took me longer than i'd care to admit to figure this out ... but having figured it out -> Big Kudos to all of those plugin authors for both of these as they ROCK (or at least i think as now i've got to test the users, uploads, plugins, etc for thorough road test but so far so great :>)

  3. Marcelo Mika
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Gracias! muy buena explicacion ! Saludos.

  4. Steelers
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Chuckingit thank you for the info! And new news on this topic within WP 4.0?

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