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  • this is a very subjective question and I know there’s no right or wrong answer but I’m wondering for the average blog out there what is successful?
    I have a niche blog which peaks in October then drops off until the following May, building to October again.
    I’m in my second year and the month of September is already more than the entire first year as far as the number of views. (65,000 views currently).

    I consider it to be successful in that in my other blogs (I have three) my months views number in the hundreds to may be 1000. So in comparison this one is wildly successful but in comparing to everybody else out there where do I rate?
    And I don’t mean to compare to guys like Darren Rouse but others like you who have good blogs with good readership, how do these numbers stack up?
    Maybe I’m asking a question that everybody considers to be private and if so I apologize. I’m not putting my blog up because I’m not trying to drive my numbers higher artificially.
    I’m also using Jet pack to drive my numbers from and it seems to match up with Google analytics pretty closely.but I’m not sure if Jeff pack and Google analytics is not counting the bots that visit. If anyone knows that answer I would also love the hear it.

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  • Just the fact that you have an active blog beyond over six months, you are in the top 10% as a blog survivor. Add that you have been going at it for nearly two years with about 5000-1000 page views a month, I’d say that’s pretty good.

    That said, there are so many ways to measure success (e.g Alexa/PageRank, unique visitors, conversion rates, etc), page views might not be important to some folks.

    Well I figure the page views is also affected by all the hackers trying to get into my site… (so far so good there) So that is a factor to consider and I have to wonder if the bots are counted or ignored by jetpack.
    I don’t have a good answer on that yet…
    If they don’t get tossed then I will have inflated numbers from that.. I am blocking a bunch from asia russia that I felt were nothing more junk and try to steal my images.

    But my blog is seasonal and it’s all about fall foliage in New England so it drops off at the latter part of Oct and stays dead until May (I think I’ll average 2K per month during the dead times. Then it builds until Sept/Oct arrives and I have over 70,000 views so far this month. Google A says 72,458 views with 29,103 unique visitors.

    My Alexa rank is hovering around 435,000 and this varies daily. US rank is 65,000.
    My issue is I don’t really have a conversion rate to measure. I understand that if I want them to do something then I can create a conversion target… I guess I’m having trouble on what I want them to do…
    Buy images would be one thing and for the most part this has failed. They are clicking the google ads but that data is harder to grab except through adsense. but the blog is self-sufficient and it has paid for all the hosting for the coming year…

    Does anyone have numbers on advertising? I thought about leaving a comment for that subject but I probably wouldn’t get a reply on that because not too many want to say how much they are making…
    I’m no different…

    Thoughts anyone?

    Assuming that this is my ‘Alexa rank’ then I’m ranked 428,409th in the world – better than you. So I must have a truly amazeballs site!!

    Either that, or it is all a bit subjective 🙂

    I agree, many would not share their blog/website income but an overwhelming majority have negligible earnings, especially if AdSense is their main source of revenue.

    Over time, a site’s revenue mix may change but I suggest that anyone who is interested in monetizing to create a plan and constantly fine-tune based on performance. For example, for one of my sites, most of my income is generated from sponsored links and articles but for another one of my sites, the primary income source is from affiliate marketing. Passive ads like AdSense actually provide me with a steady income for all of my sites but it’s usually a very small percentage of the entire mix.

    @TCBarret you beet me in the world but my US rank is 65K and yours is 329K 🙂 I don’t know where they get thier numbers from…

    My monitizing is hmmm… haphazard at best. I have a little affiliate work going but I’m not seeing anything from that Amazon and another. My Adsense is doing good but I bet as my views tanks at the end of Oct so will my revenue (until next spring) when they start wondering about the fall 2013 autumn…

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