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  • What is the best way to create and maintain site specific custom Themes?

    I have been hand modifying the Default or other themes for about five years – copy the theme to a new folder, change the name in Style.css and then go to work commenting the heck out of everything. I’m looking for a better way if there is one as the above inevitably leads to a reckoning day where you’ve waited and waited and then you can’t wait anymore and you have to “upgrade”.

    I’m currently trying Thematic on two sites and have learned that it uses Smarty. Today out of frustration I Googled “Smarty s*cks” and got the following link which sums up my take pretty well – Smarty fails miserably at separating design from code and once I get a Theme looking and functioning as I like I’m just as tied to that theme version or WP version as ever, except with 20 times the work and complexity:

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  • Work off a blank theme such as…


    Which is essentially 2010 stripped to bare essentials.

    Or I prefer this:

    If you use the 960 Grid then look at this:

    If I may say so this is an incredibly interesting question. In my more stressed moments I am contemplating using perl………..there must be a better way



    Umm, Thematic uses Smarty? Where did you learn that?
    Solid advice there from CSD-Images.
    I would add that you could look into the toolbox theme for a blank starter theme.
    Another means would be to build a child theme off something like 2010 or Genesis, as you get a lot more functionality baked in compared to a blank theme. Plus, fewer headaches around updates.

    toolbox is html 5 (kind of )

    Thanks CSD for those links and templates. I have fairly basic needs, more a CMS system with nice non blog looking design and those look to be good starting places. Josh – I’m incorrect. Not sure where I came up with Themeatic using SMRTY, swore I read it looking for answers. frustration… also working with CSCart which is SMARTY based. These two combined are hurting my head.

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