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  • V3.03 I was looking for a way to get pages made for my Amazon niche site and found one that seemed ok. I installed it and when I put my info in it made pages and click thru to get clicks to register at Amazon site but they did not show in Amazon Dashboard. I checked and the ids are all steamsigs07-20. NOT MINE! That is the maker of the plugin. I tried diff ways to add my own but will only work with his/her id. Perhaps it is me but I htink such things should not auto plug in any id but leave open. It makes it too easy for others to take commision from others work. WordPress should not allow if it auto puts in any id but the ones we want not matter if they make plugin or not. I went thru and manually changed all id to mine and Surprise, it still fails amazons link check. 2 days of work waisted and someone else prob made some $$ from my site! Am Mad as He**. If I am wrong SRY! I guess Il have to take a look at the php and hack it all up to put the correct id in for good! How many people used it w/out noticing it at all! It is just wrong!

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  • Dang I guess all the Amazon plugins are crap because I tried three diff ones and no matter what I set for secret key, public key, key pair ect they just stick someone elses id in so they can make a few bucks off our labors so I will just do it all manulaay. If i had done that wasy from the begining I’d be done and it would all be working now. THANKS ANYWAY!

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    1) Click that it’s broken in the plugin page on

    2) When prompted, type up a nice explanation about what’s wrong.

    3) Consider contacting the dev directly (info should be in the readme.txt of the plugin).

    Thanks for the quick responce but I am going to do it the hard way to be safe. I just am mad that I waisted 2 days. I hope people are careful just in case it was meant to work like that.
    Some one who knows more about php should look at the code. (vivamazon) It should never default to someone elses id. Could make it more valuable to them if it does not work right. Thanks again Ipstenu

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