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  • What is the better to use for the best performance with wp multisite?
    a. OS?
    b. Apache, Lighttpd or nginx?
    c. alternative control panel(Free) of cpanel/whm (uses less memory and works with point 1)?
    d. Any other suggestion to include?

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  • a. Linux, FreeBSD, etc.
    b. Apache (heard nginx is the ticket too, but may be wrong)
    c. Never used an alternative control panel, we use cpanel on our VPS successfully.
    d. From what I’ve read, most people use the above combination(s) for their Multisites, so you’re likely to find suitable support. If you take the Windoze Server route though, chances are you’ll have less people to help you as some of the problems may be specific to your OS, server and such (stuff most of us haven’t experienced, so it’s tough to help).


    a) Linux

    b) Combination of Apache, & Nginx. I’d put Apache with mod_pagespeed on port 80 and Nginx on non-standard port to interact with PHP (via fastcgi). Apache is here only for mod_pagespeed. If you are adventurous, there is a port of mod_pagespeed for Nginx, that is in beta as of this writing.

    c) Plesk (non-free). I personally don’t recommend any control panel.

    b) Deploy Varnish between Apache and Nginx as a caching layer.

    Pothi, why don’t you recommend any control panel? Just curious.

    Any control panel can drag the overall performance of the server with unnecessary tools. WordPress just needs PHP, MySQL, a web server, a way to work with files (SSH / SFTP, etc) and a way to work with the database (SSH or phpmyadmin). Anything else can affect the performance.

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    I agree with a and b (nginx is fine 😉 )

    I disagree with c. The answer to “What ‘control panel’ do I need?” is “What don’t you feel comfortable doing via command line?” I can do it all command line. Sometimes I like the GUI 🙂

    @pothi Kalimuthu
    What about nginx + php-fpm + PHP APC? Can I mix it with mod_pagespeed for Nginx or is not a good idea?

    Also, which one is better Combination of Apache, & Nginx? or just Nginx with adventurous port of mod_pagespeed for Nginx(which port have to use for this?)? 😛

    What i want for my site is to have very good speeds when it’s used in rush hour (mostly) and not only then.

    @ipstenu (Mika E.), @pothi Kalimuthu
    And how do I manage/add mails domains, subdomains, parked domains etc?

    ps: Any tutorial for set up/config(best way) the server with Apache, & Nginx or Nginx + php-fpm + PHP APC?

    Thinking to find an OS that will run smooth and not eat to much of CPU power itself. Which OS is better? Centos, Ubuntu or Debian? 32x 64x?
    VPS: 1x 3.2GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 2GB vSwap

    Also, what about Memcached can i use with APC and how is the best way?

    In my case: VPS (1x 3.2GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 2GB vSwap)+ WP MU (Multisite) Setup with subdomains & Domain Mapping and some single wp in feature

    I decided with your suggestions and some search on the internet to do this..

    – CentOS 6.4 (64bit)
    – Nginx 1.5.2
    – PHP FPM 5.5.0
    – ngx_pagespeed ([url][/url])
    – APC 3.1.9
    – Memcached 1.4.15
    – ISPConfig (alternative if is dosen’t work right setup cpanel/whm)
    – phpMyAdmin
    – MySQL 5.7

    What do you think?

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    B_Dark – Don’t Multipost like that. You get our spam tool scared and it treats you like a spammer.

    ok, but what about that i post?

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    Those are pretty complex server questions that are, generally, outside the scope of what support can be found here.

    Why? Because the answer is “It depends.”

    That setup might work and it might not. It depends on your ability to support it AND the sort of traffic you get. Not the amount (though that to), but the kind.

    i add on my apache the APC 3.1.13
    yum install httpd-devel
    pecl install apc

    Enable internal debugging in APC [no] : no
    Enable per request file info about files used from the APC cache [no] : no
    Enable spin locks (EXPERIMENTAL) [no] : no
    Enable memory protection (EXPERIMENTAL) [no] : no
    Enable pthread mutexes (default) [no] : yes
    Enable pthread read/write locks (EXPERIMENTAL) [yes] : no

    edit php.ini after line eaccelerator.shm_ttl=”0″


    service httpd restart
    php -r ‘phpinfo();’ | grep ‘apc’

    i install the W3 Total Cache and APC Object Cache Backend plugin

    but i can see big difference :/

    this is my phpinfo
    this is my w3 total case setup

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    You can see a big difference … in what? Speed?

    This is something you’re going to have to play with and fine tuen on your own. YOUR needs are different from ours, so you have to adjust.

    I’m using MemecacheD and Zend instead of APC these days, without W3TC, and I was able to withstand Reddit 🙂

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