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  • I am looking for the best premium responsive theme that can handle a news – style website. Your opinions would really be appreciated.

    Features that are important:
    1. The theme should be fast, with clean, professional, efficient coding – not one of those that looks cool at the expense of function.
    2. Support and updates from a company that is not going anywhere anytime soon.
    3. As ad-ready as possible – special features for ads would be great.
    4. A dynamic content slider, or something similar.

    I currently have a few candidates, but am wondering what other people out there think. I don’t have much experience with purchasing themes, but my next project requires something that runs very solid and is mobile capable.

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  • I’m just checking out these – you might take a look here – themes with or without slider:

    Thanks, will give those a look. Really looking for something with a solid track record from a company that has been around awhile.

    One of the one’s on your list may qualify. It’ll definitely take some research!

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    I prefer to use the term commercial rather than premium as not all paid themes can honestly be called premium.

    One of the Studiopress child themes for Genesis may fit the bill for what you want. All are GPL and well supported and the latest ones have responsive design built-in.

    Also look at the themes from the other vendors on

    You also find a few – like Response and iFeature – if you search the themes’ directory for “responsive”.
    I understand you plan a site that isn’t just a blog, maybe quite complex, so I’d really like if you share your findings – even if you end up with a premium/ commercial! theme. We really would like to get even our main site, – responsive, if possible.

    cubecolor – yes, definitely the term commercial is what I was looking for! I have looked at Studiopress in the past, and it does seem pretty solid. Am also looking at Thesis, 75, and Pagelines.

    kjetilgf, I will keep you posted here on what I end up going with.

    I have experience with responsive themes, but although they are nice looking – there are a few glitches and I would not categorize them as rock solid for high volumes of traffic, etc…which is what I am looking for in this next purchase. What I want is clean coding, SEO friendly, fast, and smooth – without annoying little glitches.

    The two I have tried are below:

    They are called responz, and simfo in case you like them. They are fine for those simple sites, but they won’t work for what I am trying to create now.

    For responsive news style themes defiantly have a look at the themes from StudioPress and also Solostream.

    Thanks! Had not found Solostream yet.


    Did you find a responsive news style theme that met your requirements? I would be interested in researching some of your finalists.



    I had to put the news project on hold for a some time, and since my first post there have been a lot of developments in Responsive themes.

    Some of the major contenders up till this point are:

    My biggest concerns are to go with a solid company that will be around for some time and to have default functionality/design that enhances the delivery of news and advertising placement. Speed is also very important to me. Some themes just load on the page strangely.

    Nothing has really jumped out at me at this point and I will post if I do decide on one.

    Please let me know if you settle on something as well!

    We settled on Alyeska and Akita, both built on the same framework by the same author. Works very well for us, and the support is good. No regrets after switching. They support several sidebar setups for different screen sizes, use of child themes – and have lots of options in the settings page.
    Also several of the other responsive themes on CodeCanyon look fine – though I haven’t tested them.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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