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  • ONLY images and no text? Like a gallery? Or are you looking for something to actually upload the pictures to your site?

    To add a photograph to an individual post, click the IMG button above the box you write your post in (called a quicktag button) and type in the address and name of the image.

    To create a gallery effect, check out Plugin Images.

    I think the OP is aware of how to add images, what they want is a convenient method to add images within a post without all that malarkey.

    rvblog, I would highly suggest IImage Gallery – it’s the mutts nuts. If you want it from a gallery, the only one supported is Wp-Gallery which allows posting of images from your gallery into a post entry through a quicktag/pop up thingy I believe. Otherwise it’s a manual job

    i second iimage gallery 🙂

    I thirdly would like to promote the usage of IImage gallery, I used to use photopress until I discovered there was not a delete function (this is very important) as IImage gallery has the added feature of being able to not only delete the full image, but also the thumbnail and/or/either.

    Try both, see which one catches your eye the best, no point going for our word you need to experience both yourself to see which one you would prefer to use.

    Thanks for the suggestions – I’ll have a look at IImage gallery.

    Can you recommend some sample websites that use this plugin so that I can see it in action ?



    There doesn’t seem to be much active support for either plugin. I got photopress to work, but can’t delete entries for photos. iimage gallery just hasn’t functioned properly yet for me.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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