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  • Hello and thanks in advance for reading my post.

    I’ve probably posted this in the wrong place, so my apologies to start. I’m finding WordPress as a whole a steep learning curve that has me failing forward all the way!

    Anyway, if someone could assist firstly with educating me on a simple thing such as “where do I post my questions,” that would be great!

    But, my actual pressing problem is I am trying to find an easy to use plug in that will build a list of resources for my readers, such as external websites, article links and books. I first searched for a directory, but a lot of them seem to be way to complicated for my needs. I just want a simple list, maybe one that can be filtered by category, or grouped together and can live on a static page (called Links, or something).

    Any suggestions would be wonderful.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • lisa


    Beth: how important is the filtering issue?

    For a very simple list of links, I would not use a plugin. I would put the links direclty on a page organized by category with headings.

    Approximately how many resource links are you planing display?

    Hi Lisa

    Thank you for the reply. It would be an ever-growing list. I could link hundreds of web articles and blogs I have collected over the years to include. But maybe just something smaller to start. Say 20 books, 20 articles and a few author’s websites.

    I like the idea of categories/topics so people can search for topics relevant to them, so filtering is important, yes.

    I want to get this right from the onset rather than have to go back and re-work it later on when a list that is growing all the time gets unmanageable.

    Hi @writerbethjackson,
    have a look through these plugins in the Plugin Directory.
    I have never used it myself, but Link Library seems to do what you need.

    Thank you alichani. I installed Link Library and read the notes on it, but no library of links displayed for me on my links page. My categories did but there was nothing listed under them, and nothing happened when I selected the categories I had set up. I’m not sure what I did wrong and I couldn’t find anything in the help or FAQ either. I’m not sure this plugin is the one for me! It seems to do everything I want it to do – if I could only get it to work.

    Thanks again, it certainly is close.

    I just set up a test page for Link Library. Which shortcode did you add? link-library or link-labrary-cats ? The -cats just creates a list of categories with links to the list below it, so you need to use both together like

    [link-library-cats settings=1]
    [link-library settings=1]

    This is the output for me When you click on one of the categories on the top it takes you to the corresponding category on the bottom table

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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