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  1. joncadams
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have recently taken over the management of a medium sized company's corporate website.
    and I am in charge of building a totally new, revamped, website.

    The old site was wordpress, and they would like the new one to be as well.

    Is there a recommended base to start from in doing a fully custom (or at least heavily customized) theme?

    The old dev team used roots as a base (seemingly poorly)

    for the new site I have looked at
    roots, bones, thesis, and genesis
    as potential bases to start a custom theme from.

    At first I leaned to roots for it really clean rewrites (the way it handles the url for all assets, cleaning up the search, and hiding the fact that its a wordpress site)
    but it seems to be slower, and other issues have popped up in certain hosts.

    And as for hosting we should use wp-engine right?
    unless we chose genesis framework then use synthesis?

    I really want a good base to start from a good base as I want this site to run perfectly, and any insights would be appreciated.

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