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  • I need to present content in a very similar way to Of special interest is the calendar page. Already found a great WP calendar plugin.

    I need to have multiple pages with links on the home page, user login, ability to post with calendar dates and allow replies etc …

    Q: Where do I start. Should I build it around a WP theme or build an XHTML/CSS site and reserve WP theme for the claendar and post page.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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  • The only problem is – that site is NOT a WP powered site.
    I don’t say it would be impossible; it’s just a lot of custom coding… and your question is too vague to give you directions.

    I guess my question is just that. From what I have seen, WP sites can look almost identical to a custom site. Would it be possible to approach something similar with a WP theme and if so can you recommend one that is close in functionality and form? Or, is it better just to start from scratch?

    There is somewhat popular software called RapidWeaver for Mac. There are many themes to come with. Or you can create your own themes pretty easily if you know how to write CSS. I created about 60 themes last year, I think. Using RW, you can build a website with ease and with little knowledge about HTML. I know this software because we created video tutorials for it several months ago. I’m sure there are a lot of apps like it for Windows.

    I’m not just a cyber crime reporter. I do a lot of things including making CSS themes, creating video tutorials…

    Thanks for responding. I’m on a PC and I’ve used Dreamweaver/Flash but with basic HTML. XHTML and CSS is new to me.

    I’m worried about running into a dead end with a WP theme although it’s an easy and great way to get started.

    Is there a limit to customization with WP? Or if I need a feature later on that is not available as a widget etc can I hire someone to code it?

    There is practically no limit and it’s fun too! The question is how far you want to go with coding. I found that being frustrated and in need of help, this living forum can help you a lot. I suggest you create your html file just the way you want it with the tools you’re accustomed to. It should be “pretty easy” to WordPressurize. If you get stuck, shout out and we’re here! Good luck,

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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