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  • I have a wordpress multisite set to run with subdirectories. I modified the htaccess and wp-config files and did all of the correctly. When I add a new site, it appears to work since it shows up on the sites list, but nothing is being created on my server. When I go to visit the new site, this message shows up: “Not Found The requested URL /MYSITE/test2/ was not found on this server.”

    I don’t see any new directories on my server. What is the common architecture for a newly created site? Let’s use Test2 as the new site name.

    Is this how the new site would be populated:

    What should appear in that /test2/ folder? The normal files/folders for a wordpress install except the plugins and themes directories?

    Basically, I’m looking to see the generic skeleton of a subdirectory on a multisite.

    P. S. I don’t have FTP on my server, so I manually install everything. I doubt that’s the reason why the server isn’t creating directories.

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  • This seems to be similar to my problem except that I am using sub domains and not directories. If it is the same issue then maybe the two posts can be merged?


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    I’m not sure how much overlap there is between multi-sites with sub-directories vs sub-domains.

    What I would like is a few screenshots or some explanation of the subdirectory folder system so that I can just go into Linux and manually create the folders and upload the appropriate files. If someone knows how to get this fixed so that everything is built automatically, that’s good too. Almost all of the support that you can find is just about getting the multi-site installed, and that’s not what I need.

    > I doubt that’s the reason why the server isn’t creating directories.

    WP doesnt create directories for subsites. They are virtual. There are a few reasons why your WP system is not picking up the subsites. I think it is because either .htaccess file is missing/bad or your server is not configured to use .htaccess.

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