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  • I have often seen plugins which have lots of ads and neon colors in the backend, but that plugin here not even offers useful features in its free version. Absolutely not recommended and much expensive too.

    You can’t copy Media
    You can’t copy Tables
    You can’t copy …

    before you pay a fortune for those simple features.

    It is another “I catch the future paycheck” plugin, unfortunately!

    AND – W A R N I N G – as we just realized it installed itself, shows up in left menu of Network Install even we haven’t installed and activated it in the network! As soon as you activate it in one of your subsites this strange thing will happen! To the plugin developers – please make your plugin installable ONLY via network install so that the plugin ONLY shows up when it gets installed from an Admin of the Network and not by any subside admin!

    I recommend using a clone of cloner (WPMUDEV) they have it all inside for free!

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  • Plugin Author Never Settle


    To set the record straight, because you are not reporting accurate information in your review, and we have many 5-star reviews which confirm:

    1. The NS Cloner will NOT show up anywhere nor be active unless you explicitly Network Activate it after installing it. What you are stating about that is simply false.
    2. This free version by itself represents hundreds of development hours and ABSOLUTELY does copy ALL media files and ALL tables for ANY site you clone with it. What the Pro version ADDS on top of that is the ability to control HOW and WHAT specific media files and tables are cloned. This free version makes perfect copies of sites just as it is – all media, all tables, all plugins, all settings, all themes, all theme settings, everything with 1 single exception. The only thing the free version cannot copy is users. This is because there are special actions that have to happen separately for properly attaching users to different sites and that was functionality which was built after this free version was released and represented additional development costs so we decided to make it a pro feature. Another reason is that the majority of the cloning scenarios for which this was built do not require copying users (for example a blog network does not want every user in the network copied to individual new sites for individual bloggers).
    3. WPMUDEVs cloner is NOT free, unless you intentionally abuse their generous free month trial. They offer lots of fantastic plugins, and a great subscription service but it is definitely not free. Back in Nov 2012 Sarah Gooding wrote up a great article and review of the NS Cloner on WPMUDEV which you can still see in the wayback machine. Then in May 2014 we reached out to Sarah to see if she would like to review the new V3 of NS Cloner in the works. She said she’d be happy to revisit it, and so in Jul 2014 right before we released it we sent her a zip of the new free V3 version plus all the new pro add-ons that we had just invested hundreds of hours in. On 6 Aug 2014 she said she was still planning to revisit it, but we never heard back from her after that and less than 2 weeks later on 18 Aug 2014 WPMUDEV replaced the original NS Cloner review with an article about their own brand new “cloner” on the exact same URL. I guess that’s the beauty and double-edged sword of open source.

    Please be more careful with the information you include in your reviews. Your opinion and feedback is valuable and appreciated. And if you hate this plugin you are certainly free to 1-star it. But spreading false information about it in the process is not cool. You are factually incorrect in your main points upon which you based this 1-star review, and others can verify that for themselves.

    All the Best,
    for NS

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