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    i am doing SEO from 1 year but still not understand the exact difference between these term, suppose i am writing a article on iPhone 5S. Ok i set 2% keyword density in article and i amusing all in one SEO plugin, I put iphone 5S and new iphone 5S as keyword in tags i add apple, smartphone
    Is this correct? I just want my correction and want to understand the real meaning in these term so when i work on my articles i can use correct keywords and tags to get good result. I will extra appreciate if you reply with example so i can understand easily.

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    Google doesn’t actually rank your website on keywords, but you ought to discuss these SEO queries on SEO forums such as .

    By tags, I’m assuming you mean metatags? If so, those are not really relevant in SEO these days.

    As for keywords, I would focus on producing your content naturally. Use keyword research to determine what type of content you want to produce, not the other way around (write content and add a bunch of keywords). Organic SEO is the most sustainable method. Any improvements using any other workaround do not guarantee long-term success.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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