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  • You could do it, but you would probably end up having a very stiff IA & require that you make a new template file (archive-posttype.php) for each of them. A freaking nightmare to update!

    Thats pretty useless for dynamically adding new types with a click. We use cpts+taxonomies with custom rewrites instead.

    Thanks for your reply Angry Creative!
    This is sort of an emergency so it’s ok if the structure is a bit stiff, when we rebuild our site we’ll do it right from the beginning. But right now we’ve got a blog running on built on a CPT and we need to set up another blog quickly. We would really like the URL to be but I can’t get this to work. This is what I’ve got:

    blog (CPT with ‘rewrite’ => true)
    blog-tags (non-hierarchical taxonomy with ‘rewrite’ => ‘blog/blog-tags’)

    new_blog (CPT with ‘rewrite’ => ‘blog/new_blog’)
    new_blog-tags (non-hierarchical taxonomy with ‘rewrite’ => ‘blog/new_blog/new_blog-tags’)

    Everything works like a charm except the new_blog-tags taxonomy, the URL gives me a 404 error. Why is that?

    Check our blog how we solved these kinds of problems (I think youvé left a comment already?)

    a tip for analyzing:

    If you can’t solve it and need our services, hollar!

    Yes I did, and I tried your solution. Maybe I did something wrong but I couldn’t make it work with the CPT-blog I already had up and running.

    Haven’t seen that plugin before – great stuff, thanks!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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