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  • I just made a search about ping and pingback, but I did not find an answer to my very simple question: what is this, and what is this for?

    Every time I write an article in my blog, I have the option to allow pingbacks, or no. I do, but I do so because this is the default option. I have no clue what this is.

    Il happened to me to make comments called pingbacks by mistake. I got an email informing me about. When I saw the comment, it make no sense at all, and deleted this.

    But what is this?

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  • Think of pingbacks as ‘remote comments.’ They happen when another blog makes a post that links to one of your posts. It’s like taking the conversation to a new site.

    When one makes a new post, WordPress attempts to ‘ping’ all the sites that were included in your post. If the site happens to be one that accepts pings, such as another WordPress blog, then the two blogs communicate. The ‘pinged’ blog now logs a comment with a link to the site it was pinged from. I hope that makes sense :o)

    Podz has set up a nice test blog so you try pings and trackbacks:

    This codex article will explain pingbacks and trackbacks in full depth.

    Keep in mind if you post entries with a lot of links that don’t except pingbacks (online newspaper sites, blogs without the function, etc) WordPress will still attempt to ping thoses sites. As a result it will slow down the time it takes to post an entry.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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