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  • Alright. So I have another account. I had to make this one JUST to create this post.

    What is my username and password? I go to ‘ or whatever, and type in my username and password there, and it works just fine – I can update anything I would like. BUT if I would like to post on the forums, OR edit my gravatar, I have to have my actual username and pw. It is driving me nuts!

    Anyone know WHERE I can look this up? It seems like I have tried everything!!! lol

    Thanks in advance!

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  • justaquickquestion,

    This is confusing, are you talking about logging into your website or the WordPress forums? They are completely different entities.


    Ok. Well that makes sense.

    What about my Gravatar? I have an account set up with e-mail address x. I no longer use that blog, but would like to keep my Gravatar, and put it to use on my new blog. Is this possible? I would like to keep the same e-mail. I cannot figure this out.

    Is there away to tell gravatar to remove the old site from it’s memory and use the NEW blog as the default?

    At you can update your account to your new email (or make a new account) and make sure that your useraccount in your WP installation uses the same email. And these forums if you want to use a gravatar.

    The e-mail in WP and Gravatar match perfectly. But there is still no link between the two.

    Maybe it’s a username issue? This gravatar accnt was connected to a different blog. I have changed blogs. So how do I get it to connect to this one?

    I tried clicking “verified services” and entering my details for wordpress. But it didn’t work. What username and PW am I supposed to use? I used the one to log IN to Is that right?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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