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    I wanted a plugin which counts ONLY SITE visitors. I thought I found the right one with Statify and installed it. But now after seeing the statistic I became suspicious about the counting.

    Question: Does Statify count ONLY SITE visitors or the pages a visitor visits when she/he comes to the website? So, for example, when a visitor comes to the homepage, this is one count, and when she/he goes from there to another page on the site, this is an ADDITIONAL count, together 2? But for me it should only count 1.

    It would be nice if someone could help me.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your answer.

    Best regards


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  • Hi Albert,

    Statify tracks every page visit.

    There is no site visit available because for that you would need to store any information about a user either on the user’s device or in the database. So, you need to have certain tracking information because you would need to identify the user to recognize that he/she already visited another page.

    Thanks KittMedia!

    Do you know a plugin which is GDBR compliant and counts site visits?


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    Unfortunately, no. It could be implemented though, but as far as I know Statify is designed to store and track as less data as possible.

    Plugin Support Stefan Kalscheuer


    You might choose among a whole bunch of statistics plugins and platforms. About all of them require either a tracking cookie or some elaborated information storage.

    As already said, Statify one of the most minimal solutions (user agent string is processed to exclude bots, but nothing is stored) with limited capabilities.
    As far as I known there is no kind of “cookie extension” in the public Plugin repository. (easy to implement, but nobody has published one so far)

    Regarding the GDPR you might even use Google Analytics for that purpose or WP Jetpack. I’m not familiar with “smaller” solutions for that purpose.

    What you have to keep in mind though:
    * Add a corresponding paragraph to your privacy statement, s.t. a user is informed about what data you store/process and why.
    * If the extension uses tracking cookies, make sure that it’s inline with your cookie policy, opt-out strategy, etc.
    * You must have some kind of business need. That’s a key part of GDPR (don’t collect data for no reason) and sounds worse than it actually is. It can be anything from “analytics for service improvement” to “know you target group’s interests”.

    Finally think about what you want/need to track and why, then choose a plugin accordingly.

    Thanks Stefan for your elaborate answer.


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